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    Frank Perron

    7pm - 10pm
    Frank Perron

    Frank Perron

    Frank Perron (aka Francisco Parana) is a local singer/songwriter who specializes in original songs about exotic dancers, Australian mass murderers, famous nuclear physicists, deceased girlfriends and the Viet Nam War. His original songs show the influences of artists like Warren Zevon, Van Morrison and the Clash. Frank began his musical journey as part of the great suburban white boy folk revival of the 1960s, and he spent long hours hanging out at the old Club 47 in Cambridge listening to the likes of Dave Van Ronk when he was supposed to be studying for college courses. No harm done, and Frank subsequently enjoyed careers in Marine Biology and computer software development – neither of which ever influenced his music in any way. When asked if he could cite any real musical credentials, Frank thought for a minute and said, “Well, I went out on a date with Tom Rush’s half-sister once when I was a teenager.”