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    Rindge Meeting House
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    Owengale on stage at WICN 3-3-16

    Owengale on stage at WICN 3-3-16

    The duo Owengale came to be after Rick Quimby and Linda McCarthy met in the spring of 2014 at the Folk'n A open mike in Worcester, when Linda read some lyrics she had written that did not yet have music, and Rick eagerly offered to set them to music. Within a week their first song, Meant to Be, was completed and performed at John Henry's Hammer open mike in Worcester. Since that time they have continued writing songs together at an ever increasing pace. The songs at times have seemed to come almost effortlessly, with Linda usually composing the lyrics and Rick the music.

    Owengale's music covers a wide range of genres, from funny to sad, with the ultimate goal of making them the best they can be and touching the heart of the listener. Their guiding principle is "If they laugh or shed a tear, we've done our job". Although Rick and Linda each continue their own independent paths as songwriters and performers, they have come to enjoy working together and are devoting much of their artistic efforts to the collaboration.