Upcoming Performers

  • Fri

    The Bone Orchard Ramblers

    7pm - 10pm

    Rindge Meeting House
    6 Payson Hill Road
    Rindge, NH 03461

    The Bone Orchard Ramblers

    The Bone Orchard Ramblers

    Long-time duo John and Ursula Papp, joined by guitarist and bassist Dave Lister, are the Bone Orchard Ramblers, named for their shared hobby of exploring old New England graveyards. Seasoned veterans of the Monadnock music scene, the three of them have been playing together sporadically since the spring of 2011, when Dave began attending the monthly song-circle/open mike that was then hosted by Ursula at the Fitzwilliam Inn.

    John Papp’s musical sensibilities, along with his considerable songwriting skills, blend perfectly with his wife Ursula’s extensive knowledge of folk music old and new, obtained from a lifetime of singing in groups such as the well-known women’s chorus Animaterra, and sharpened by a lengthy stint as a folk music disc jockey at Worcester’s legendary WCUW. Dave Lister adds his own songwriting skills to this musical stew, which began simmering, as best as anyone can recall, when he said out loud to no one in particular, “I want to play some bass.”

    The music of The Bone Orchard Ramblers fits comfortably in the space where traditional folk music and Americana intersect. Whether performing originals or covering songs by other musicians, The Bone Orchard Ramblers create a sound that is uniquely their own.