Cooper & Kenneally Usher in the Spring with a great set at the Meeting House Stage

Cooper & Kenneally

Cooper & Kenneally

Rick Cooper and Pat Kenneally drew a large crowd on April 8, and put on a great show! By the end of the night, many new and regular open mike performers had taken the stage, and the food table had been happily decimated. What an evening!

April’s open mike performers were:

Reuben Bellingham, Jack Bowes, George Kelly & Bob Pope, Jon Roper, Frank Perron, John Papp, Fred & Wibby Swedberg, Nate Smith, Ken Hasselbrack, Jan Miller, Oliver Mutch, William Letendre, Bernadette Colley, Deb Northway, and Bob Goodwin.

Thanks to the dedicated crew that makes this event a huge success month in and month out: Elisa Benincaso, Karla MacLeod, Al Lefebvre, and Ken Raymond. Food was provided by Sally Poikonen, Amy Raymond, Ken Raymond, Karla MacLeoud, Judy Kierce, Roberta Letourneau, John Papp, Elisa Benincaso, and David Lister.

May’s Meeting House Stage will be held on May 13 and the feature performer will be the duo Andy & Judy! It’s going to be a great show!

Dave Lister

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