Dan Chauvin Returned to The Meeting House Stage in March!

The Audience Listens to Dan Chauvin

The Audience Listens to Dan Chauvin

The curse of The Meeting House Stage, if there is a curse, is that if it can snow, it will. With no snow in the forecast for the afternoon and evening of March 10, a couple of inches fell during the show. But inside, the room was warm, the crowd was in a good mood, the musicians were hot, and our feature, Dan Chauvin, played an inspired set of originals sprinkled with a great selection of covers, from the likes of James Taylor to Leonard Cohen to Lyle Lovett.

Our open mike performers were Ray Siekierski and Stan Long (not pictured); newcomer Doc Arsenault,;Frank Perron; Hal Pederson, back from a lengthy absence and accompanied by Jeanne Sable; Bill Letendre; John Papp; Bob Pope, The Swedberg Family; Ken Hasselbrack, Snake (aka Eric Gullicksen); Caleb Wetherbee; Jeanne Sable; Eric Blackmer; and Nate Smith.

As always, a big thank you and debt of gratitude to the volunteers that work so very hard to make The Meeting House Stage a success: Karla MacLeod, Ken Raymond, and Al Lefebvre, and a shout-out to the many folks who brought all the wonderful homemade food!

Next month, on April 14, it will be our 50th show at The Meeting House Stage. Our special feature for April, traveling all the way from Maine, will be amazing songwriter/performer, and former Jaffrey resident, John Schindler. You won’t want to miss it!

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