John & Ursula Papp Had a Great Set in June!

John & Ursula Papp

John & Ursula Papp

Our feature in June, the husband and wife duo of John and Urusula Papp, from right here in Rindge, returned for a second time to feature for us here at the Meeting House Stage. John played a couple of solo tunes and then brought out Ursula for some wonderful duets, and Nate Smith joined them on banjo for one of the tunes. It was a wonderful evening!

Also performing at the Meeting House Stage in June, we had:

The trio of Lisa Dahl, Mark Vinbury (both from Rhode Island), and Ray Siekierski (from Rindge); Dwight Shelton, from Peterborough; Ken and Dan Durand, from Jaffrey; Fred and Wibby Swedberg, from Orange, Massachusetts; the O’Carolan Brothers (Eric Blackmer & Chaz Beaulieu, from Peterborough); Rusty Guertin, from Worcester; Mac Cole, from Worcester; Bob Goodwin, from Templeton; Steve Rapson, from Winchendon; Nate Smith, from Fitchburg; and Rick Beausoleil, from Greenville.

Steve Rapson; Ken and Dan Durand; Fred and Wibby Swedberg; and the trio of Lisa, Mark, and Ray; are all scheduled to be feature acts in either 2014 or 2015! Check our our Calendar for details!

Thanks to the dedicated crew that makes this event a huge success month in and month out: Elisa Benincaso, Karla MacLeod, Al Lefebvre, and Ken Raymond. Our food, great as always, was provided by Candace Starrett, Karla MacLeod, Elisa Benincaso, Sally Poikonen, Amy Raymond, Roberta Letourneau, and ,Ida Harman, and Joe MacLeod

In July we’ll be outdoors at the Historical Society on July 5. Hope to see you then!

Dave Lister

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