Justin Cohn Plays a Great Set in September!

October’s Meeting House Stage featured performers old and new, and a great set from our feature performer, Justin Cohn.

Newcomer Brian Dickens, from Winchendon, opened things up with “That Old Gang of Mine”, “Baby Face”, and “Toxic Concrete. Then Ken and Dan Durand, with an able assist from John Sepe, played “Stranger Now Everyday”, “Under the Boardwalk”, and “Homeward Bound”.

Frank Perron followed with “There’s Nothing Going on Down Below”, Cotton Candy Girls”, and “It’s a Good Day for Ducks and Dancers”, and Mac Cole . Mac Cole played a tune I don’t recognize, then he played “With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm”.

Our feature performer, Justin Cohn, took the stage next and played a very nice set of originals: “Beat the Odds”, “Shadows in the City”, Michelle’s Song”, Life Without You”, Ocean Heart”, and “Road Blocks”.

After the feature, I sat in with John and Ursula Papp and we played “Spanish Johnny”, the Ian Tyson song “Someday Soon”, and “Goddamn Blessed Road”, by Chuck Brodsky. Then it was back to the soundboard for me, and Steve Rapson took the stage and played his arrangement of “Ave Maria”, “I Am Yours”, and “Jumping on the Moon” (I hope I got the titles right).

Charlie Moser followed with “Ghostriders in the Sky” and two originals, “The Ballad of Jekyl & Hyde” and “What Would Jesus Done if He Had a Loaded Gun”. Bob Goodwin took the stage after Charlie and played “Drop Kick Me Jesus”, “Rest in Peace Babe”, and “Baldwinville”. John Roper played “All Along the Colorado Trail”, Norman Blake’s “Uncle Sam”, and wrapped up his set with Lou and Peter Barryman’s minor Classic, “F-Word”. Rick Beausoleil finished up the evening with a parody of Melanie’s “Brand New Key”, “Autumn in New England”, and “The Autumn Leaves”.

A big thanks to our volunteer, Karla MacLeod, Al LeFebvre, and Elisa Benincaso, who’s tireless work and endless energy make The Meeting House Stage possible. The food in October was provided by Ida Mae Harman, Karla MacLeod, Sally Poikonen, and Elisa Benincaso.

Next month’s Meeting House Stage will be held on Friday, November 8, and will feature award-winning singer-songwriter Jon Roper.  For more information, check out our Calendar.

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