Ken and Dan Durand Play a Great Feature Set in October

Ken and Dan Durand

Ken and Dan Durand

Jaffrey natives and brothers Ken and Dan Durand ushered in Autumn with a great set of originals and cover tunes. We had a great crowd, three, count ’em three different soups, and a table groaning under the weight of some fantastic home-made baked goods.

October’s open mike performers were:

Dwight Shelton, from Peterborough; Fred Swedberg, from Orange, MA;Frank Perron, from Peterborough; Jon Roper, from Lancaster, MA; Rusty Guertin, from Holden, MA; Mac Cole, from Worcester; Bob Goodwin, from Templeton, MA; and Dave Lister, from Rindge

Thanks to the dedicated crew that makes this event a huge success month in and month out: Elisa Benincaso, Karla MacLeod, Al Lefebvre, and Ken Raymond. Food was provided by Sally Poikonen, Amy Raymond, Roberta Letourneau, Ursula Papp, Joe MacLeod, Karla MacLeod, Elisa Benincaso, and David Lister.

November’s Meeting House Stage will be held on November 14, and the feature performers will ThistleWood, who last featured here in September of last year. It’s going to be a great show!

Dave Lister

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