Moonstone Plays an Amazing Set at the Meeting House Stage in August!



Moonstone was a huge crowd pleaser at August’s Meeting House Stage. Laurie Donohue, Suzi Brumaghim, Pam Cadmus, and Paul Belanger, with Dan Wheeler sitting in on bass, played a set of covers and originals that truly highlighted the vocal harmonies of Laurie, Suzi, and Brumaghim. Paul Belanger, Moonstone’s most recent addition, kept the rhythm nice and tight on his Djembe, and the bass lines provided by guest musician Dan Wheeler really rounded out the sound.

In addition to Moonstone, August’s open mike performers were:

David Lister, Ray Siekierski, Jan Miller, Frank Perron, Debra Marcotte*, Steve Rapson, Tom Smith, Snake (aka Eric Gulliksen), Oliver Mutch, Bill Letendre (not pictured), Paul Belanger*, Jack Bowes, Jerry Wile, Jon Roper, and Bob Goodwin.

* First time performers at The Meeting House Stage.

A big thanks as always to the volunteers that work so very hard to make The Meeting House Stage a success: Karla MacLeod, Elisa Benincaso, Ken Raymond, and Al Lefebvre. In September, food was provided by Karla MacLeod, Ken Raymond, Elisa Benincaso, Sally Poikonen, Amy Raymond, Jan Miller, Judy Kierce, John Papp, Roberta LeTourneau, and Craig Hoyt. And thanks to Hannaford, who kindly donated the Keurig coffee brewing system. .

September’s Meeting House Stage will feature Rindge’s own John and Ursula Papp, and will be held on September 9.

Stage Photographs

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