Steve Rapson Featured at the Meeting House Stage in November

Steve Rapson, With Dennis Poitras on Percussion

Steve Rapson, With Dennis Poitras on Percussion

To finish off a very successful fifth season of the Meeting House Stage, Steve Rapson came and played a wonderful set, accompanied by percussionist Dennis Poitras. Alouette Iselin came down from Nelson, New Hampshire to be our feature in June. It was her first visit to the Mee

Our open mike performers were Tom Horsky, who will be our feature in January, Hal Pederson, Bernadette Colley, Volkert Volkersz, William Letendre and Charlene Ledoux, Jon Roper and Deb Northway, The Bone Orchard Ramblers (not pictured), Robert Kelly, Reggie Gerbert, Rick Beausoleil, Pat Kenneally, Dwight Shelton (not pictured, Fred and Wibby Swedberg (not pictured, Marc and Annette (not pictured, Bob Goodwin, and Jeannie Butler.

There will not be a Meeting House Stage in December, but in on January 12, 2018 we’re excited to have Tom Horsky open up our sixth season at the Rindge Meeting House.

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