The Meeting House Stage’s 50th Open Mike Featured John Schindler

April was a milestone moment in the history of the Meeting House Stage. It was our 50th open mike. We started in February of 2013 with no expectations whatsoever, and The Meeting House Stage has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. To date, over $12,000 has been raised for the Rindge Historical Society.

Our feature for our 50th open mike was John Schindler, who played an amazing set.

Our open mike performers were Frank Perron, Bob Kelly, Tom Smith, John Papp (not pictured), Two Shades of Grey (Ray Siekierski and Stan Long), Nick Badaracco, Bill Letendre, Hal Pederson, Dwight Shelton, Pat Kenneally and Rick Cooper, Nate Smith, Jerry Wile, Vince Rivas, and Snake (Eric Gullickson).

As always, a big thank you and debt of gratitude to the volunteers that work so very hard to make The Meeting House Stage a success: Karla MacLeod, Ken Raymond, and Al Lefebvre, and a shout-out to the many folks who brought all the wonderful homemade food!

Stage Photographs

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