Tom Smith a Big Hit at April’s Open Mike!

Tom Smith

Tom Smith (photograph by Hal Pederson)

Friday April 12 began with some wet snowfall and finished up with some hot music, thanks to Tom Smith,  April’s feature performer, and all the other great musicians that came and played their hearts out. Despite being a gray, slushy day, we had our largest crowd so far.

After I opened things up with pair of songs, Ken Durand took the stage and played three of his own tunes, including a very nice song about Laura Bridgeman, a New Hampshire native who, some fifty years before Helen Keller,was the first deaf-blind American child to gain a significant education. Jeanne Sable was next, and she opened with her song Giving Back, in honor of sugaring season, and followed with Mabel G. Stover (one of my favorites), and a song inspired by her novel, The Seedkeepers of Crescentville. Next up was Nate Smith. Nate, a wonderful songwriter and performer, will be our feature next month. Nate played three of his own songs, Everything on the Outside, In Otter Words, and Through This Day. I hope I have the titles correct. I particularly loved the third song, one I haven’t heard Nate play before.

Tom Smith, our feature performer for April, opened his set with a brand new song, Talking About Love, followed that with a traditional tune, Itches in Me Britches (I wish they’d do it now), and then he played The Last Folksinger, a tune he wrote for a good friend of his. After that he brought Steve Rapson up on stage, and together they played Working Poor (one of my favorites) and Streetsinger’s Heaven (by Bob Bovee). After that, Tom played a song he wrote for his 36th anniversary, You, Love and Me.

After Tom’s set, Steve Rapson came up on stage and played Little Bit of Crow, followed by Bach’s Bouree (with lyrics!), and a very funny song about OCD. Hal Pederson was up next and played Kathy’s Song, the Simon & Garfunkel classic, and followed that up an early Joni Mitchell tune, Urge for Going. Hal finished up with The Jeannie C., by Stan Rogers.

Rick Beausoleil finished up the evening with two of his own tunes. The first was a very nice song he wrote about his father; the second was a song called We All Come From Different Places. Rick finished up with a classic Donovan tune, Yellow is the Color.

Hal Pederson was kind enough to take a few photographs for me, as I forgot to bring my camera along this month. Thanks Hal!

The food was homemade, and it was delicious. A big thank you to everyone who volunteered and brought all the wonderful food: Sally Poikonen, Amy Raymond, Phyllis Symonds, Roberta LeTourneau, Karla MacLeod, and Elisa Benincaso!

Next month’s Meeting House Stage will be held on May 10, and the feature act will be singer-songwriter Nate Smith, from Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Nate, a very accomplished songwriter, is the long-time host of a great open mike in Fitchburg, The Boulder Coffeehouse. His funny songs can make you laugh out loud; his serious songs can make you stop and reassess how you view the world around you. For more information, check out our calendar.


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